I decided to begin this blog as a venue to discuss the “weird” things that occur at my workplace.  You notice that I enclosed weird in quotation marks.  The reason is I do not think weird is the correct word.  I could use other words, but I guess for now weird will have to do. I have worked at this non profit for over 5 years and daily have to just shake my head.  It’s like watching a dog chasing its tail.  You know the dog just goes around and around and never really accomplishes its task.  The dog never moves forward.  It just eventually stops chasing its tail. 

Over the years I have tried to suggest ways for the company to move forward, but I guess my ideas would actually work and there would be no more tail chasing.  I use to get upset.  Now, I have decided, I will just sit back and eat my popcorn.  Collect my paycheck and watch the events unfold.  I think this is a gret venue to discuss the funny antics, and laugh about, the events that occur. Perhaps you can relate to some of these events in your own workplace.  Enjoy!


Sit back and eat your popcorn!


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